Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things said to my Pregnant Belly

" That's my old room!" Said while grabbing my belly and yelling at my belly button
"Get out baby, it's my turn in there"
"The baby has to be a girl because the baby is a princess. boy princesses don't work at all."
"the baby is going to be a boy. that way there are the same number of boys and girls at home. that is fair."
"the baby is not friendly. kicking mum in the belly is not friendly. the baby should get a time out for kicking. mum, where do you send the baby for time out? to your bum?"

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hayden wrote a Valentine and birthday card

"To Mommy, Evan and Baby Charlie,
Happy Valentines Day
I love it when Evan does bedtime. You are a good story reader.
Baby Charlie you have done a good job opening your eyes
Mommy you have the best kisses
Love Hayden"

"Happy birthday Carmella.
I am glad you are my friend.
I like it when we play together
but sometimes you don't listen to the rules i make and I get angry.
I got you a present
love Hayden"

When her brother was born

Just moments after Charlie exited the womb:
"Oh I love him. He is gonna love watching hockey with you Evan!"
Finally, Evan has someone to watch hockey with...
"I was going to teach charlie to talk, but he isn't ready. I will teach hi to Open his eyes. OOOPPPPPEN YOUR EEEEYYYYYYEEEEESSSS! You are doing great!"

On seeing her uncle Steven

Uncle Steven has not had a chance to meet baby Charlie yet because of a busy work shedule. Hayden's thoughts on the matter:
"Uncle Steven, I haven't seen you in days and days! (it's really been a few months)."
"Uncle Steven has a mean boss. He doesn't let him have home days ever. I get home days at daycare."

Talking about her baby brother

Gram mentioned that baby brother Charlie is getting very long.
"Yes, just like baby Jesus!"

My Kid is Hillarious

So my sister said i have to start a blog about some of the awesome things my darling daughter says. So I will write them hear and you can all read them instead of me having to call people and repeat the same stories over and over again. Each entry will be a different thing she said. Got it? Great.
So, Yesterday my daughter and I were on the couch. She goes to give me a kiss but attempts to make it a little more intimate then a kiss between a mom and daughter should be. Nothing creepy, just prolonged lip contact and some head swivelling. I stopped her and told her that it was not appropriate. The following Lesson on Sexy ensued;

"We don't kiss like that because it's too sexy, like auntie and uncle when they got married. You and Evan do that when no one is looking but you shouldn't because it is too sexy"
"sweetie, loving kissing is OK for adults but not between mom and you."
"That is because it is toooooo sexy. Girls who are sexy are inappropriate. They don't wear pants and they dance too sexy. when they dance sexy they try to steal other girls boyfriends and then the police come because stealing is illegal."